Emerald Thinking

An independent, boutique
data driven customer
experience agency.

We are Emerald Thinking

We turn data into human insights to power brilliant customer experiences.

delivered through our
3 core areas of expertise


We blend, mine and analyse your data. We then apply a human lens to transform your data into human insights, unlocking hidden value, customer experience opportunities and new revenue streams for your business.


We turn our Human Insights into action plans and strategies to deliver better connected, omni-channel customer experiences.


We test, measure, learn and optimise everything we do for you. Empowering your teams to make brave and innovative decisions.

delivered by the power of three


Our Data Scientists (the big brains) blend, mine, and analyse your data.


Our Data Planners use a human lens to turn the data analysis (the numbers) into Human Insights and Customer Experience strategies.


Our Client Managers turn our strategies into brilliant creative executions.

what makes us different

What consumers do vs. what they think and feel

We don’t just tell you what your customers do, their explicit needs. We use a human lens to unlock their deeper, more emotional implicit needs; their passions, loves, hates, motivations and most importantly, their perceptions towards your brands and products.

We don’t need a database to work our magic

Businesses often believe they need big budgets, big data teams, big tech solutions or a big database to get insights into their customers. But, bigger than a database are the billions of footprints your consumers leave across your digital platforms. We love digital data and blend email, web, social, app and search to give you real-time insights into your consumers behaviours, needs, motivations and perceptions of your brand. P.s. we still love a database 😊.

our client experience

What our clients say...