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At Emerald Thinking

we are passionate about data and all it can tell you about what people think, feel and do.

We love what we do
both at work and at home

An independent Data Planning and Analytics agency 

Meet the team and what makes us tick.

our values

Our Values Passionate Data Planning and Analytics Agency

We love
what we do

A passionate team both at work and at home.  We are pioneers of flexible working for all.

Our Values A Force For Good Data Planning and Analytics Agency

we are a force
for good

We participate in pro bono work, causes which are important to us.  See our video below, where we  used data as a force for good for Pride in London.

Our Values Stake In Business Data Planning and Analytics Agency

We all have a stake in our business

Which means everyone is responsible for our success and gets involved.

Our Values Innovate Data Planning and Analytics Agency

we innovate

Everyone has a passion for and responsibility to create brave, challenging work and products for our clients.

Our Values Human Insights Data Planning and Analytics Agency

we are humans

We don’t churn out numbers, we use a human lens to transform data into human insights, ideas and opportunities that have meaning and can be actioned.

Emerald Thinking
Data Planning and ANALYTICS AGENCY
Meet our founding team

Claire Aldous Founder Head of Data Planning and Analytics

Founder, Head of Data Planning and Analytics

With over 20 years’ experience in data strategy, analytics, CRM, digital transformation and Customer Experience, Claire has a passion for all things data and all it can tell you about human behaviour. After working client side and running big network agency data teams at Proximity and Oliver, Claire wanted to challenge the status quo on the human insights that data can uncover – finding new ways to identify consumer’s needs, passions, motivations, barriers and what they really talk about. And so, she created Emerald Thinking.

Clare Kelly Data Planning Director Customer Experience Agency

Data Planning Director

Clare has over 10 years’ experience with data strategy, CRM, analytics, social listening and behavioural science. Her insights have played a key part in driving growth by launching successful brand strategies across automotive, beauty, telecoms and financial services brands. There has been, and continues to be, seismic shifts in how consumers communicate with each other and businesses and Clare is dedicated to ensuring brands are contextually relevant to individuals at every stage in their journey.

Kirsten Sluggett Senior Data Planner Customer Experience Agency

Senior Data Planner

Kirsten has loved exploring and transforming data for over 20 years, working across a multitude of industry sectors and clients within the publishing, FMCG and agency world. She is passionate about innovation and looking at data in different ways, helping uncover those truly hidden insights that can be amplified and validated with a human lens.
Data keeps her excited – living in an age where we are surrounded by data that can inform past and future behaviours, she finds it inspiring helping businesses understand their customers.

Tamara Hart Data Scientist Customer Experience Agency

Senior Data Scientist

Tamara is an expert analyst and loves to continuously innovate and develop how data can be used. She has 20 years’ experience working agency side on all things data – applying a range of statistical techniques to model customer journeys, trends and behaviour. Her work has been evident across retail, telecoms, automotive, travel and charity industries. Tamara’s use of specialist software to access databases and manipulate large data sets, means her work is integral in supporting planned strategies and driving results.

Senior Data Scientist

Dean has a passion for discovering what drives customer behaviour. He loves innovating and building solutions to transform data into actionable human insights. At Emerald we believe data is at the heart of the best customer experiences and so we are always looking to apply latest techniques (including AI, Machine Learning, Real-Time Data Visualisation) to our work. He comes from 15 years at RAPP (formerly Proximity London) and brings with him a wealth of experience working on clients across several industry sectors including retail, automotive, travel and pharma.


Partnerships Data Planning and Analytics Agency

Partnering Agencies

We’ve always thought Big Data can play a valuable role in Research. So, we set out to develop partnerships with Agencies that do not traditionally use Big Data, such as Research Agencies and Planning Agencies. Enabling us to extend the reach and appreciation of Big Data and the human insights it delivers.  And more importantly enabling us to Innovate with our Partners to develop new products and new ways of using data for their clients! What a dream.

Partnering Our Clients

We not only work in partnership with Agencies but with our Clients. Rather than us telling you the answer, we’ve found the most effective way of working with our Clients is to co-create the challenge and the solution. A bit like the Doctors if we only fix the symptoms, we will never fully solve the problem. So, we work closely with our clients to identify the cause of a business problem, co-create what this means and workshop the human insights we uncover from their data to ensure we solve the root cause of the business problem.

Partnerships Data Planning and Analytics Agency

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