The ‘new normal’, we’re not there yet

By Claire Aldous|12/08/2020

The ‘new normal’, we’re not there yet, and what this means for brands.

Dipping back into the ‘new normal, or not’ discussion, we’ve used Social Listening for insights rather than performance in our #lockdownandlearn series.

We’ve looked back over the last 6 months to gauge how quickly you, as a brand need to adapt to the changing needs, conversations and language of the nation, and your audiences.

From our video you can see we literally flip flop from need to need, perception to perception and emotion to emotion. In a nutshell we are nowhere near the ‘new normal’.

So as a brand, use Social Listening to get a real-time read of your category. Understand your audience before a new product, content or comms launch to ensure you are not ‘mis-reading’ our ‘new normal or not’.

Listening to “today’s” conversations can ensure your campaign is using the language of now, pulling at the right need state and framed to motivate the right actions.

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