Staycation or not?

By Kirsten Sluggett|20/08/2020

Staycation or not? Next in our 'new normal' or not' insights

With many feeling uncomfortable going on holiday aboard ‘STAYCATION’ has become a popular topic of conversation. But as a nation, how do we really feel about it?

The good news – the majority of us feel JOY when talking of ‘staycations’ and many are surprised at the beauty of the UK. 

So what’s important to us? Family is at the heart of our choices, beach and camping are popular to fulfil adventure, escape and even some luxury. We want a degree of independence, control, a feeling that the UK isn’t our last resort, but rather our preferred choice. 

But beware, 17% have taken OFFENSE to the over-use of the word ‘staycation’. Regular UK holiday makers are feeling ‘put out’ that people feel they have had to ‘make do’ with the UK, a last resort. 

So Brands, be careful of how you use the latest buzz words associated with ‘new normal’ as all might not be as it seems. Buzz words like ‘staycation’ can potentially turn off rather than turn on consumers to your brand. Instead tap into the ‘staycation’ sentiment using language like ‘escape lockdown’, ‘inspiring escapes’. 

Above all use Social Listening to sense check your audiences and the language that resonates before launching a campaign.

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