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Staycation or not? We reveal how people are feeling and the latest emotions about holidaying

By Kirsten Sluggett|20/08/2020

State of the Nation: Using social listening for insights

For our ‘new normal or not’ and State of the Nation insights, we use our covid social listening base for research. With millions of conversations, its a real-time data source to reveal feelings of the nation around holidaying. 

So with the majority of us feeling quite uncomfortable going on holiday aboard, ‘STAYCATION’ has become a popular topic.  But as a nation, how do we really feel about it?

The good news – the majority of us feel JOY when talking of ‘staycations’.  And many of us are surprised at the beauty of the UK not really exploring it much previously.

So what’s important to us? Here is out top 3:

1. Family is at the heart of our choices.

2. Beach and camping are popular to fulfil adventure, escape and even some luxury. 

3. We want a degree of independence and control. Having the feeling that the UK isn’t our last resort, but rather our preferred choice. 

But beware, 17% have taken OFFENSE to the over-use of the word ‘staycation’. 

Regular UK holiday makers are feeling ‘put out’. People feel they have had to ‘make do’ with the UK. A last resort having to give up usual travel plans and regular annual holidays abroad. 

So Brands, be careful of how you use the latest buzz words associated with ‘new normal’. Not all might be as it seems. 

Buzz words like ‘staycation’ can potentially turn off rather than turn on consumers to your brand. Instead tap into the ‘staycation’ sentiment using language like ‘escape lockdown’, ‘inspiring escapes’. 

Language people use can tell you so much about them. As Rita Mae Brown once quoted

“Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.”

 So for Brands above all use Social Listening to sense check your audiences and the language that resonates with them before launching a campaign.

Theme clouds analysing the associated mentions to Staycation

State of the Nation Staycation Social Listening Wordcloud Insights

We use Talkwalker as our social listening tool. To find out more about it or if you want to explore other reports have a look at their comprehensive site