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Brands the nation needs you! 43% weekly rise in covid conversations

By Kirsten Sluggett|16/09/2020

State of the Nation: Using social listening for insights

The Covid-coaster is starting to rise again. After a 6 week decline, this week showed a 43% increase in Covid-19 conversations.  A direct impact of cases rising and the confusion over the Governments’ response.


From the conversation topics fluctuating, we can see the Nation is confused, switching from one conversation to the other without resolution.  We don’t know what to think or do at the moment. Topics mainly switch between Health and Economy a battle of the nation taking about how to help, supporting the NHS and blame to the government. Emerging topics like changing home habits are rising to importance yet the impact on the nations personal income remains overshadowed and less included in the conversations as we are yet to really understand the longer term effects.

State of the Nation Brands Beware Social Listening Mentions Insights
Its hard to see just one topic leading the volume of mentions! The criss-cross of colours and lines shows just how much conversations fluctuate week to week. The two peaks are health and economy, but not to ignore the important of others areas like Changing Home Habits rising up.
State of the Nation Brands Beware Social Listening Emotions Insights
The share of emotions on covid conversations

As a result we are losing our joy for life and everything in it. Sadness is a regular existence.


Brands, this is where you come in.  The Nation needs your help – now is the time for a good news story, a surprise, a how to…anything to distract us from our Covid-19 confusion.


Brands who make a nod to the situation we are in, help us cope, or bring a tiny bit of joy to our lives to distract us are winning. 


Use Social Listening to dip into the needs of your audiences, understand their frustrations and create something to help.  They will LOVE you for it!


We use Talkwalker as our social listening tool. To find out more about it or if you want to explore other reports have a look at their comprehensive site