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Abroad or not? We reveal how people are feeling and the latest emotions about holidaying

By Kirsten Sluggett|26/08/2020

State of the Nation: Using social listening for insights

Next in our ‘new normal’ or not series and continuing on from last weeks’ theme of ‘Staycation’,  we’ve looked further afield at how the nation feels about holidays abroad. In a nutshell, ANGRY!

The state of the nation overall feels quite strongly about holidaying abroad and is being quite vocal online.  We have created a summary of the top 3 themes people are feeling:

  1. Don’t moan when your holiday is cancelled or you have to quarantine, there’s a global pandemic or haven’t you heard?
  2. #wearenotgoingaway. Why not recognise the UK as an amazing holiday destination and in doing so support your local economy!
  3. An imbalance of those who can and those who simply can not afford it #paritynotpoverty#excludeduk.

So brands, whether you are a small B&B, a local tourist board or a global hotel chain – the nation needs you to celebrate the UK as a holiday destination. We need to no longer feel that UK is the poor substitute to give people something to look forward to and plan.

Brands, use social media to get the latest insight into your audiences and the state of the nation to ensure you are in touch with their changing needs and motivations.  

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State of the Nation Abroad or Not Social Listening Wordcloud Insights

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