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our mantra is to constantly challenge the insights that data can uncover, here are some of our latest findings.

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Staycation or not?

Staycation or not? Next in our ‘new normal’ or not’ insights With many feeling uncomfortable going on holiday aboard ‘STAYCATION’ has become a popular topic of conversation. But as a nation, how do we really feel about it? The good news – the majority of us feel JOY when talking of ‘staycations’ and many are surprised…

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The ‘new normal’, we’re not there yet

The ‘new normal’, we’re not there yet, and what this means for brands. Dipping back into the ‘new normal, or not’ discussion, we’ve used Social Listening for insights rather than performance in our #lockdownandlearn series. We’ve looked back over the last 6 months to gauge how quickly you, as a brand need to adapt to…

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Normal or not? Is there a new normal?

‘Normal or not’? There is a lot of hype around ‘new normal’, but…is there a ‘new normal’ or are we simply going to go back to normal, in a different way? This is a question many of our clients have asked us. Using Social Media as our first port of call we’ve listened to the…

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award case studies

Royal Mail Market Reach wanted are keen to create case studies from best in class use of Direct Mail in the Customer Experience mix.  Here is a case study they have created from our work with Suzuki.

Goodbye Boring – DMA Bronze award 2019 for Best GDPR Communication