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our mantra is to constantly challenge the insights that data can uncover, here are some of our latest findings.

Our latest news and insights

An explosion of social conversations at the start of June. We reveal the triggers

Using social listening for our state of the nation weekly insights An explosion of social conversation! There was also a huge rise in support and protests for George Floyd.  #BlackLivesMatter gained enormous traction with 67M mentions. This fuelled heightened emotions and anger spilling out across all age groups (except for the over 55s, notably, where Cummings…

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All about Dominic Cummings, we explore social listening to reveal why

State of the Nation using social listening for insights Our national scapegoat, Dominic Cummings?  This week Dominic Cummings dominates our conversations across all conversational pillars, he is included in 15% of ALL conversations, which is extremely rare.  Calling into question all of the government decisions up to now from a man that hasn’t abided by…

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An introduction to ‘new normal’. We reveal 7 themes worrying the nation

State of the nation using social listening for insights – the new normal Our weekly look at the needs of the nation during covid, shows conversations are understandably moving to ‘what will our new normal be’.  So we’ve explored the nations conversations to see what’s worrying us, what brands need to do and how to…

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2022, Grand Prix Winner


Bronze in Data and Insights & Bronze in Email


Shortlisted for the Best New Agency


Shortlisted for the Major Start-Up


Bronze in the Best GDPR Communication

award case studies

Royal Mail Client of Customer Experience Agency

Royal Mail Market Reach wanted are keen to create case studies from best in class use of Direct Mail in the Customer Experience mix.  Here is a case study they have created from our work with Suzuki.

Goodbye Boring – DMA Bronze award 2019 for Best GDPR Communication

Case Study Saying Goodbye to Boring Suzuki