Covid State of the Nation: 1st June 2020

By Kirsten Sluggett|01/06/2020

An explosion of social conversation!

We are seeing an explosion of social conversation and protests for George Floyd and #BlackLivesMatter with 67M mentions fuelling heightened emotions and anger spilling out across all age groups (except for the over 55s, notably, where Cummings is their focus still).  Adding to our negative feelings with only 12% positive and 42% negative conversations this week. 

Groundhog week….we are still furious at Dominic Cummings and the Government protection of him and his actions with 11% of mentions (vs 15% last week) compared to Boris who is criticised weekly but only forms 7% of our conversations (vs 8% last week).  We continue to feel injustice at his behaviour when we have made sacrifices and dealt with difficult situations.  The nation sharing and talking about similar issues that do not seem to be resolving but worsening. 

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