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Christmas Adverts bring joy to the nation. We reveal why and what the nation liked

By Kirsten Sluggett|20/11/2020

State of the Nation: Using social listening for insights

With Christmas just 5 weeks to go and 2020 being such a tough year, Christmas adverts are key for Brands to capture the hopes, dreams and revenue of their audiences. We analysed conversation sentiment of the top adverts to see just how the nation is reacting to them. 



And in short the audiences love the adverts, with overall sentiment showing 55% positive vs 7% negative. The nation wants joy!



As we love to use social listening for insights, we have dipped into which Brands the nation are talking about and why.  Meet Nations’ winners!!!

John Lewis and Disney top two brands talked about for their adverts, but Lidl created the highest positive conversation sentiment of 85%

Source Tallkwalker: Source: Talkwalker 01/11/2020 to 15/11/2020
Social Listening for Insights Conversation Sentiment Christmas Adverts

We use Talkwalker as our social listening tool. To find out more about it or if you want to explore other reports have a look at their comprehensive site