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At Emerald Thinking

we apply a human lens
to transform your data
into human insights.


We test, measure and optimise everything we do for you.

We use machine learning to build customer segmentations, data models and implement predictive analytics for better campaign performance. 

We are experts with big data and analytical tools, including Google Big Query, SQL, Python, Power BI, SAS and Google Analytics.

Easy data visualisation and a clear data story is key for performance management and to understand what your marketing return is.  With our measurement and optimisation toolkits we empower your teams to make brave and innovative decisions

Accelerate Strategies: Three core areas of expertise

Our 'Accelerate' Products

Using a range of data science techniques and analytical tools, including machine learning, data modelling and predictive analytics our products are designed to answer our clients most common challenges.

Accelerate Products Return on Engagement

Return On Engagement

Use predictive analytics to measure the value that engagement activity delivers for your business, predicting future levels.

Accelerate Products Return on Experience

Return on Experience

Measure the value each area of your customer experience generates for your business to deliver a connected omnichannel customer experience.

Accelerate Products Content Strategies

Content Intelligence

Measure the effectiveness and relevance of content across all your channels. bringing all your performance insights in one place.

Accelerate Products Experience Tracker Dashboard

Experience Tracker Dashboard

Performance management toolkit. Track the performance of all your customer experience including comms and content in one place.

Case Study

YBS Client Logo of Customer Experience Agency

Yorkshire Building Society

Product used: Brilliant Customer Experiences

YBS have a series of successful campaigns built around regulatory messaging, not around customer needs. We empowered the CRM team with audience insights and customer-centric approaches to help them look at their customer journeys with fresh eyes. Empowering the YBS team to make brave, informed and innovative decisions for the business to power new, brilliant customer experiences for Mortgages and Savings Customer journeys.

What our clients say...